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values to value

Wolwedans has always been guided by our Values and, importantly, our (moral) Compass. As tools, they have served us well in the past, guiding us through day-to-day living, working, and decision-making while all along helping us to remain true to ourselves. In tandem with the compass points (fair | honest | positive | creative), all values – if lived – feed into “the pursuit of happiness” and striving for “a better tomorrow” through our actions today.

Going forward, our Primary Values will be re-grouped into Unique, Core and Substantial, while our Secondary Values will remain as before. We will consciously be living them in the future and integrating them into our daily lives at Wolwedans.

Primary Values

While some values are universal, values that are unique to Wolwedans are: 

  • Balance – mainly referring to “business in balance” and work | life balance;
  • Harmony – among people and with nature; and
  • Transparency – open book, sharing of information, and collaboration.

Our ‘core’ values need to be guarded and navigated on a daily basis. They are: 

  • Respect;
  • Care for people and environment alike; and 
  • Beauty (aesthetics, design and order/ ”Ordnung” as the central value). 

Our ‘substantial’  values are: 

  • Appreciation;
  • Trust;
  • Passion; and 
  • Excellence.

Secondary Values

Values associated with the hospitality side of Wolwedans activities our MissionOne – are grouped under “Excellence” and form a very customer service, hospitality, and business focused set of secondary values.