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big ask, big impact

The “Big Ask, Big Impact” –  the investment for an AridEden Angel –  which is pegged at a minimum of € 250, 000. Funds will be allocated into three priority areas of our 5Cs in support of people, planet, and profit.

COMMUNITY (PEOPLE) – 35% of funds allocated
Interest-free loans and/or grants for infrastructure development for the Desert Academy Campus, to get the Desert Based Economy going (e.g. Wolwedans Arts & Crafts Centre and other relevant Foundation projects driving community well-being beyond Wolwedans such as bursaries under the Education Assistance Fund, RuralRevive in Maltahöhe, etc.)

CONSERVATION (PLANET) – 55% of funds allocated
Grants for the acquisition of strategic land/farms bordering Wolwedans and the NamibRand. It’s about expanding East for the sake of wildlife. The habitat acquired will be held in perpetuity by “The AridEden Trust”, a Namibian trust still to be registered. An ‘endowment fund’ representing 20% of land value when purchased will be put in place to manage the land in times of crisis. Grants can also be used for the tree project, renewable energy projects, waste management facility and water treatment plant.

COMMERCE (PROFIT) – 10% of funds allocated
Interest-free loans or grants would used to drive the commercial projects of the Wolwedans Foundation, thereby enhancing its income generating potential and securing its long-term financial sustainability. 

The basket is big and there is something for everybody’s interest and liking, should an AridEden Angel wish to specify how their contribution is to be allocated. 

The business – NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd. – will take care of itself and is not included in ‘the project list’. It will obviously ‘benefit’ (in non-monetary terms) from every project in the mix, which is legitimate as the business has been driving everything to this point and will do so in the future when visitor arrivals are back to a 50% occupancy year-round.

Value-add for Big Impact Angels
In addition to positive and reassured about putting their shoulder to the wheel of a worthwhile cause to facilitate much needed change, Big Impact AridEden Angels will automatically be granted a “Club Chateau” membership, i.e. a 150,000 Namibian Dollar credit to be utilized any time over a 5-year period. Naturally, “Angels” will also be honoured (with name and/or logo) on all collateral (print and web) and celebrated as ‘enablers of positive change’.