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habitat expansion

Game migration routes along the eastern boundary of the NamibRand Nature Reserve are severely hindered by commercial farm fences. Hundreds of oryx perish each year in their attempt to cross these man-made borders. Overgrazed rangelands and gradual depletion of perennial grasses, poisoning of predators with dire food chain consequences, excessive hunting, and off-road driving are just some of the other prevalent issues that do not bode well for the future of the flora and fauna that inhabit the region.

To reinstate natural wildlife migration patterns from east to west, NamibRand Nature Reserve has embarked on a bold mission to double the area of habitat under the conservation management to some 400,000 hectares by 2030/40.

With conservation at its core, Wolwedans aims to be part of this exciting vision for rangeland management and conservation, in collaboration with others. Under The AridEden Project we will explore various sources of finance to facilitate the purchase of strategic farms through the NamibRand Conservation Trust to form part of the future NamibRand East.

The time is now to see fences fall so that wildlife may roam unhindered and safeguard their innate ability to adapt as our climate changes, leaving a lasting conservation impact and legacy.