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food production

Producing fresh, healthy food is something that the Wolwedans team is exposed to on a regular basis – fresh produce comes straight from our desert gardens to be served in staff and guest meals every, single day. Our vegetable gardens provide an inspiring place for our essential future food farmers to learn how to produce food in a way that uses natural systems that depend on soil health, not synthetic fertilizers, to produce abundant and diverse crops. 

Wolwedans Village vegetable gardens serve as a practical training ground for entrepreneurs on our team (as well as residents of Maltahöhe village) who have an interest in food production. Our future vocational training programme in horticulture might inspire and encourage team members' business aspirations, and offer them the opportunity to pursue more in-depth training.

Wolwedans team members will be supported with EconoMix training so that food production may offer a business opportunity to individuals in future – a second financial 'leg' for them to stand on.