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Building on the success that the Wolwedans team has enjoyed with our own organic herb and vegetable gardens, we are well-equipped to transfer what we have learned to the community of Maltahöhe for their own benefit. Greenhouses and irrigation systems will be set up, initially on the laundry and project premises, and will expand in and around Maltahöhe for the production of organic, staple vegetables. These can supply both the local market and the wider tourism industry operating in the region.

Capacity building skills for local farmers and the youth of Maltahöhe will nurture a culture of self-sufficiency, improve local food security, and create employment opportunities. As ongoing horticulture training filters into the community, those with an entrepreneurial spirit can embark on food production businesses of their own, adding their own flair, business offering, and / or meeting niche market needs for greater product diversification and a more resilient local economy.

This will be supported by facilitating on-going communication about the preferences and needs of local vendors and tourist facilities so that the Maltahöhe gardens network is cultivating fresh produce that meets local market demand and is, therefore, sustainable. Produce vendors will be able to decrease the volume of fresh produce sourced from beyond the local area, simultaneously reducing transport needs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The food security benefits of establishing and maintaining individual / personal gardens will also be shared so that fresh, healthy, seasonal produce is available to residents and visitors alike.