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The Wolwedans Choir is a well-established source of pride for participating members of the team. The freedom to use the power of one's voice seems to create a true sense of happiness for people and it's also simply a most enjoyable pastime in the off-hours. The melodious sound that emerges from this collective expression can be described as nothing short of pure joy.

Singing in the choir is compulsory for all trainees at our Desert Academy, while staff members may join on a voluntary basis. The choir performs for special occasions at the camps and can be booked on request (proceeds go towards the choir kitty for new outfits, etc.)

One of the goals for the choir is to record a performance and make it available for purchase on a digital platform. There would be an option for guests to buy it during their stay so they can enjoy it any time, including on their immediate onward journey as well as to reminisce about their special experience with our desert-based family. Another dream is to compete in a choir competition, something we may try to build into our Cultural Festival one day!