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villa wolwedans

Villa Wolwedans is an exclusive experience that will be developed in 2021 (with the launch of Club Chateau Premium). While we're still exploring the precise spot for its location, the Villa will be in the dunes to the south of Wolwedans Village and offer traditional Wolwedans style – a combination of wood, canvas, and steel structures, floating above the sand dunes and treading lightly on the environment. In theory, it would be possible to dismantle the entire Villa in a matter of weeks – like all other Wolwedans Camps – leaving no permanent trace that we were ever there.

Villa Wolwedans will offer a lavish entertainment area featuring two lounges, a wine cellar, several dining venues, an open plan kitchen, and an airconditioned media room (TV, WiFi, Desktop). It is your perfect home away from home, inviting extended stays (with minimum 3 nights and ideally a week or more). The Villa layout will be perfectly suited to families with four master bedrooms – all with a view – and two kids’ rooms (sharing a bathroom with parents) positioned around the central living area. Secluded nooks, two plunge pools, and sleepout decks will complement the bedroom experience. Although the Villa experience is catered, guests who prefer to cook for themselves are welcome to do so; please just arrange this is in advance (and rest assured that we will still do the dishes for you).

For those who want to explore the surrounding area, a fleet of eight eBikes and a dedicated Suzuki 4x4 will be available. They're also an option to keep you connected with Wolwedans Village. You're welcome to just pop in to get some fresh herbs and lettuce, do a bit of horseback riding, or get your hands dirty in the garden. Or just come to chat and mingle with the team for some plain human interaction.

Small corporate retreats would find Villa Wolwedans to be an ideal venue, while larger ones could incorporate Private Camp, which is situated down the road en-route to the Village. Think workshops, strategy, incubation of ideas, etc. or just plain fun and inspiration by taking a break from hectic city life.

Additional detail, e.g. the design / floorplan, etc, can be downloaded here. The image above is likely going to be the view of Villa Wolwedans.