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wealth for good

‘AridEden Angels’ may be individuals who have come to realise that it is more rewarding to watch their money change the world than to watch it accumulate, and want to put some of their excess wealth to good use where it helps to build a better tomorrow. They may also be foundations / trusts (private or corporate) that have a mandate to disburse funds in line with their objectives.

Wealth for good could be channeled in a couple of different ways:

  1. Interest-free loans would be for all ‘brick and mortar’ infrastructure development (permanent assets) at Wolwedans, which would ultimately become the property of the landowner. Loans would be repaid to “Angels” through income derived from rent from the respective buildings. Repayment would start 12 months after completion of a building project, affording an initial ‘grace’ period but not exceeding ten years. 
  2. Philanthropic grants would be for the acquisition of additional habitat managed under conservation, with the beneficiary being the planet. Grants would also be used to cover equipment (moveable assets) and non-permanent structures (e.g. greenhouses, solar plants) needed for specific projects. Lastly, grants can cover input costs, e.g. project-specific salaries, curriculum development, buying trees, etc., associated with driving the various projects.

If an ‘AridEden Angel’ decides to re-invest his/her money into ‘working for good’, the repayment of brick and mortar loans can also go back into The AridEden Trust (to be regisered in 2021) for further large conservation habitat acquisitions or to the Wolwedans Foundation. In such cases, a building (e.g. library/computer lab) becomes a ‘brass plaque project’ with the ‘AridEden Angel’ name (person, foundation or trust) eternalized on said infrastructure, paying respect to the generosity and shared vision of the AridEden Angel while also encouraging other potential donors to follow suit.