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maltahöhe laundry

Phase one of RuralRevive will be the establishment of a laundry service facility in the village of Maltahöhe. While the economic benefits and employment opportunities for Maltahöhe are the obvious motivation for this, establishing a laundry there also has conservation benefits for the sensitive desert ecosystem.

For each tourism operator in the region of the Greater Sossusvlei-NamibRand Landscape (GSNL) to do their own laundry, the extraction requirements from the underground water sources in the desert are significant, not to mention the energy consumed, detergent used (and disposed of), staff time needed and space required. Shifting laundry services will reduce the demand on the underground water veins of this fragile desert environment and redistribute it to areas with a more robust supply, such as Maltahöhe. It will also have the additional natural and human resource benefits for the core operating site of the desert-based lodges.