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project priorities

Specific projects prioritised for AridEden Angel contributions fall under the activity areas of Conservation, Community and (Wolwedans Foundation) Commerce as outlined below:

Summary of key projects and budget estimates
Based on exchange rate of 1:20 (Euro/Namibia Dollar)

Land Expansion – Wildland philanthropy

Facilitation of further land acquisition bordering NamibRand in the East and land-holding re-structuring within the existing NamibRand

NAD 60.000.000

EUR 3.000.000

Resources & CO2  – Foundation Income Generator

Renewable energy projects, Water (fresh and grey) and Waste 

NAD 10.000.000

EUR 500.000

Tree Project | CO2  – Foundation Income Generator

Indigenous tree and plants (nursery, plant sales and large-scale tree planting)

NAD 500.000

EUR 25.000

Vocational training & Education Support

Desert Academy (Hospitality | HortiCulture | Facility Maintenance | etc.)

NAD 36.000.000

EUR 1.800.000

SME Development (Wolwedans & beyond)

Small enterprise development – Wolwedans Art & Craft Centre

NAD 2.000.000

EUR 100.000

RuralRevive – Maltahöhe

Community Development (Laundry | Water | Energy | HortiCulture & LifeSkills)

NAD 6.000.000

EUR 300.000

Desert Based Economy (DBE)

EconoMix program – building a local economy benefitting local communities

NAD 1.000.000

EUR 50.000

Village Guest House and Hotel – Foundation Income Generator

6-8 room guest facility used for training and volunteer accommodation

NAD 8.000.000

EUR 400.000

HortiCulture & Animal Husbandry – Foundation Income Generator

Large scale veggie farming and animal produce (sales feeding into DBE)

NAD 1.000.000

EUR 50.000

Conservation Projects = 55% of funds allocated

Community Projects = 35% of funds allocated

Foundation Commerce = 10% of funds allocated

NAD 125 million

EUR 6.250.000