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wolwedans friends

People frequently ask how they can get more involved in supporting the efforts of the Wolwedans Foundation through The AridEden Project, even if they are not able to visit us in person. To accommodate a range of opportunities, we'll be launching some new fundraising initiatives in 2021. Individuals who take part in these by sponsoring specific projects, either in part or in full, will join those we fondly refer to as “Wolwedans Friends”.

Wolwedans Friends are welcome to nominate projects that are aligned with their own passions or interests from those within The AridEden Project portfolio. This might include projects that we have planned for the future and are not yet off the ground, or those that have been only partially completed. Examples may include the Arts & Craft Centre, new horticulture and other vocational training programmes, cultural events, desert-based economy projects, or bursary sponsorship through the Education Assistance Fund, to name a few.

An example from April 2019 is our “Chicken Hilton” – a poultry ‘hotel’ that will be home to 120 happy hens providing fresh, free-range eggs every day. The project was co-sponsored by long-time Wolwedans Friend, Ruth van der Kaay from Amsterdam, and for its official opening, a special dinner was held in the chicken coop in Ruth’s honour. 

Get involved through our future crowdfunding, match funding, or adopt a tree programmes to put your shoulder to the wheel from afar!