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It may not immediately occur to people who have not worked in the hospitality sector, but sourcing quality uniforms that work for your team and your brand is not always easy to do. And when you have a commitment to buying local / Namibian, the task becomes even more challenging. One often has little choice but to resort to mass-produced styles that are produced by big brands, offering little in the way of personalisation for your business environment, not to mention negligible local benefit.

Wolwedans will include uniform production under The AridEden Project to meet multiple goals that serve our business needs as well as local socio-economic development objectives. Uniform styles will be ‘purpose-designed’ to ensure that our teams are comfortable and looking sharp. AridEden / Wolwedans / “Happy Man” logos can be embroidered detail added to proudly convey the spirit of who we are and what we stand for in our daily tasks. 

As a future phase of the initiative, uniform production may be expanded to include school and / or team uniforms. Addressing the needs of the local, domestic market ensures continuity of demand and therefore revenue. Adaptability begets greater resilience.