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biodiversity conservation

Biodiversity is life. Effective conservation safeguards this biodiversity and the integrity of the ecosystem services it provides, which in turn support global needs and balance. Conservation is at the core of Wolwedans and has been the reason for our existence since the NamibRand Nature Reserve began and Wolwedans’ first rudimentary tents were erected on the sand dunes. 

We are committed to taking responsibility for our impact on the integrity of this ecosphere, which includes making sure that our use of natural resources is sustainable, and that the destination in which we operate is even more resilient than when we arrived.

This commitment also applies to increasing our positive conservation footprint by expanding the land area that is managed as part of the NamibRand. Habitat expansion of the nature reserve is part of the larger vision of holistic conservation management at a landscape level, simultaneously contributing to the objectives of the Greater Sossusvlei-Namib Landscape (GSNL) initiative.