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adopt a tree

Over 200 trees have been planted at the Wolwedans Village over the course of the past ten years, gradually transforming it into an oasis that enhances the well-being of the team members and trainees who live there, while also creating habitat for small creatures that have made it their home. Trees and hedges provide shade and shelter from the hot, dry desert winds, and perhaps one day there may even be enough flowers to support bee colonies – the ultimate goal and icing on The AridEden Project cake.

As part of the fundraising efforts for the Wolwedans Foundation, guests are given the opportunity to adopt one or more trees at the Village - whether small, medium, or even the biggest of them! Proceeds from tree adoptions will go towards securing the grey water recycling system that is needed to ensure the tree grows to full size and realises its full conservation, carbon sequestration, and inhabitant well-being potential.