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pack a stone circle

Borne out of a curiousity for meditative experiences and packing rocks, Stone Circles were initiated by Stephan Brückner at Boulders Camp in January 2018, the result of which can now be seen there as the NamibRand's very first landart installation.

Packing stone circles requires that stones be collected on the mountain slopes and transported to various sites around Wolwedans' camps and Village. Stones are placed in a pile in the middle of a circle and you immerse yourself in a meditative exercise of packing them outwards. The process is simultaneously therapeutic and good exercise, allowing you to work off some of those lovely dinners and lunches.

By buying half a ton of rocks for 1,000 Namibian Dollars, packing them in a perfectly round circle, and leaving your mark, you not only provide work and a livelihood for our four Rock Collectors, but you also make a contribution towards the Wolwedans Foundation in support of The AridEden Project.