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daweb secondary school

Maltahöhe – the village nearest to Wolwedans – is a settlement marred by high unemployment, destitution, pollution, and social disintegration. Its Secondary School, Daweb, offers education up to Grade 11 only, meaning that learners have to live away from their families if they want to complete Grade 12 or pursue further education (assuming that they have the financial means to do so). As a result, youth see limited opportunities for their future, further emphasising why the community revival initiatives of The AridEden Project are of such importance. 

Wolwedans has an existing relationship with Dabeb, being the co-sponsor of Daweb learners’ annual participation in and transportation to / from the environmental education programmes at NaDEET (the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust). This will be bolstered going forward through interventions under The AridEden Project and an enhanced funding drive through the Education Assistance Fund.