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village hotel

The world over, an increasing number of travelers are seeking more authentic experiences. Instead of simply ticking off one tourist hotspot after the other and passively consuming destinations, there seems to be a growing desire to see travel having a positive impact on the places visited and truly connecting with local people – going beyond the service-guest relationship found at a conventional lodge or hotel. The surge of ‘volunteer tourism’ (working holidays with purpose) is further evidence that a new way of travel has arrived. The envisaged “Wolwedans Village Hotel” addresses this demand trend.

The Village Hotel will provide a guest accommodation facility at the Wolwedans Village, which will be both a “living classroom” training hotel for Desert Academy trainees, and also provide adequate accommodation for a new market segment of tourists, including extended stays at a lower budget. The separate complex would be positioned on the periphery of the village and comprise of six en-suite rooms of reasonable yet charming standard (in the range of 3-4 stars). An open-plan communal area will include a breakfast room and lounge, and two landscaped courtyards to escape the harsh desert winds. Lunches and dinners will be served in the Village Restaurant, which forms part of the Desert Academy’s future training kitchen.

Whilst Village Hotel guests will be welcome to join all guest activities offered (fees for which will be channeled into Desert Based Economy projects), the concept is to give guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the day-to-day sustainability lifestyle of ‘village life’ and be afforded the opportunity to connect with local people, i.e. our team. Helping in the gardens, grooming horses or spending time being creative in the Arts & Crafts Centre will offer a ‘slow travel’ experience that is both authentic and affordable.