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the wolwedans way

The Wolwedans Way is our “Corporate Soul”. It represents our unique organisational purpose, culture, identity, language, and values. It connects history – reminding us where we come from – with the future mission of where we want to go. It energizes collective motivation, aspiration, and ownership. Led with a human focus, the success of a business will always be truly aligned with a culture of human growth, fulfilment, and happiness.

the “DNA” of our corporate soul

  • Business in balance: 50|50 – net profit equals positive impact funds generated through levies
  • Lived sustainability: driven by our 5Cs framework (consciousness | conservation | community | commerce | culture), guiding us in all we do and defining our actions and strategy
  • Wolwedans Values: Balance | Transparency | Harmony | Respect | Beauty | Care | Appreciation | Trust | Passion | Excellence, guiding us in all we do and helping us to remain true to ourselves
  • MissionOne Values: Professionalism  |  Accountability | Responsibility | Friendliness | Etiquette | Language | Discipline | Ordnung (Order) | Diligence | Consistency
  • Wolwedans Compass: Creative | Honest | Positive | Fair, working in tandem with our Values
  • Pursuit of Happiness:the underlying purpose (in harmony with yourself, in harmony with others and in harmony with nature) and adoption of (measurable) Gross Corporate Happiness Index
  • Transformation: from company/ organisation to a community, driven by shared values and compass
  • Corporate governance: transparency combined with trust creates the framework for intensive and active involvement by individuals working at Wolwedans and guarantees smooth succession
  • The future of work at Wolwedans: enhanced work | life balance and higher degree of organisational and personal resilience
  • Revised SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and their implementation
  • Revised Codes of Conduct: the way we do things and why – values and compass driven