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building blocks of Wolwedans

Wolwedans is an active player in conservation and tourism in three different capacities, each of which is housed under its own legal entity:

  1. A landholding called NamibRand Desert Trails (Pty) Ltd. (not to be confused with the NamibRand Nature Reserve); Desert Trails as the landowner is a member of the NamibRand Association.
  2. An operating tourism company called NamibRand Safaris (Pty) Ltd.; as a ‘concessionaire’, NamibRand Safaris operates a tourism venture and collects park fees on behalf of the reserve.
  3. The Wolwedans Foundation as a driver for good, which is not only confined to Wolwedans but also benefits NamibRand Nature Reserve as a whole in terms of goodwill, image, socio-economic development ,etc. The AridEden Project is driven by the Wolwedans Foundation and whilst the other two entities will benefit through synergies and progress from every Foundation project, this is essentially all not-for-profit.

Each of these 'building blocks' has its own place and purpose and together these three entities form what is commonly known (and branded) as ‘Wolwedans’.

The future will see the addition of the “AridEden Trust”, a legal entity put in place to drive further land acquisition East of NamibRand.