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rural revive

‘RuralRevive’ is a medium- to long-term development and community revitalisation project to take shape in Maltahöhe, a settlement that is marred by high unemployment, destitution, pollution and social disintegration – like so many other small villages in rural Namibia that have seen better days. 

Approximately 20% of the Wolwedans staff and trainees hail from Maltahöhe and surrounds, creating a connection for us through our team. Situated some 180 kms to the east of NamibRand Nature Reserve, it is our closest village and, therefore, “community”. It is also along the Wolwedans weekly supply route, which is yet another reason why supporting its socio-economic development presents win-win opportunities for everyone. 

‘RuralRevive’ will be tackled in partnership with the people of Maltahöhe with initial financial support generously provided by the Social Security Commission Development Fund and the Julius Bäer Foundation.

The first three to five years of the initiative will seek to achieve the following: 

‘RuralRevive’ Project Activity Areas

  1. Laundry
  2. Horticulture
  3. The Barn
  4. DesertRunner
  5. Clean-up & Waste Management

EconoMix: An an overarching activitiy, a capacity building programme in 'business basics', referred to as "EconoMix", will be on offer. It is a tailor-made, entry-level business management course that includes the basics of financial intelligence (how to manage money and debt), costing, procurement, HR/ admin, negotiation skills, and marketing. EconoMix will serve as the backbone to entrepreneurial empowerment across all RuralRevive business development projects. Individuals who pursue personal career aspirations will be supported with basic business skills to convert these aspirations into financially viable livelihoods, enabling people to take charge of their own destiny.

As RuralRevive builds momentum and additional stakeholders see merit in coming on board, new and complementary business ventures will naturally evolve in the region, ranging from diversified services and value-add production, to manufacturing and retail. Eventually, Maltahöhe could be a thriving business hub again, creating jobs and sustaining livelihoods.

In anticipation of ‘RuralRevive’ things to come, the Wolwedans Foundation secured two adjacent properties in 2019 with sufficient existing infrastructure to host some of the above developments. There is even a borehole! Existing buildings are in a solid state and simply need a few touch-ups and alterations to get going.