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Sucessful corporations have often become so through the realisation that in order to successfully strategise and achieve their corporate goals, they sometimes need to remove themselves from the corporate environment. Spending focused time with key members of the team in a different setting can unlock new ideas and opportunities for business success.

While corporate retreats at Wolwedans are tailored to suit your business needs and priorities, a popular theme brings in the concept of Gross Corporate Happiness (GCH), designed to bring opportunity for enhanced wellness in your workplace, thus creating a more efficient, and often more productive, work environment.

Global perceptions and expectations about the ideal workspace have shifted, both for employers and employees, creating myraid opportunities for healthier, more flexible, and less stressful ways in which to have thriving businesses and livelihods. Perhaps it's time for your company to dedicate some focused attention on how it should be embracing such shifts in your trading environment...

Workshops, Board meetings, bosberaad, strategy sessions – whatever the corporate occasion, Wolwedans is the ideal host for corporate retreats.