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the tour

Visitors to Wolwedans are more than welcome to go on a tour of our Village. The "Village Tour" actually started as an ad hoc activity for guests who expressed interest in how things happen and it grew in popularity to such an extent that it is now near the top of most guests' list of things to do during their stay! We believe it is something every Wolwedans visitor should experience, and the fact that it is so core to our success and who we are resulted in its re-branding as the "Heart & Home Tour" in 2020.

We find that about 90% of first-time visitors to Wolwedans remain blissfully unaware about exactly how it is possible to make the Wolwedans experience a reality. As long as there is water running out of the tap and enough power to charge all the travel gadgets, life is fine. As such, the Heart & Home Tour covers topics like water extraction and treatment, energy generation (solar), waste management, workshops (mechanical, wood, metal and canvas), laundry, stores, staff accommodation, the Desert Academy and, importantly, the vegetable gardens with the result of making visitors more ‘conscious’ about sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Some of the positive impacts that result from the Heart & Home Tour are:

  1. It creates a level of appreciation with guests regarding what it actually takes to provide services and delivery of goods in such a remote context, something many people take for granted.
  2. It connects many ‘back-of-house’ members of the team (mechanics, laundry ladies, ‘waste managers’ and gardeners, to name a few) with guests too, not just the ‘front-of-house’ team (guides, waiters, housekeepers) and creates an honest level of human interaction
  3. It encourages the team to keep their ‘back-of-house’ neat and tidy at all times, feeding into the value of Beauty (and “Ordnung”) and take pride in what they do.

Aligned with our commitment to transparency (one of the values lived at Wolwedans – there is nothing to hide) guests will have the option to conduct their own self-guided (audio assisted) tour in the future.