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wolwedans village

Wolwedans Village is home-away-from-home for all team members of Wolwedans, including staff of the various camps and trainees at the Desert Academy.

In an environment that is so close to nature there are a myriad of health and lifestyle benefits, and although we promote a digitally detoxing village life, staff and trainees have access to a TV room where they can choose to enjoy movie nights, arranged by the culture committee. Socialising with colleagues and fellow trainees is encouraged and there are plenty of activities to keep one busy throughout the year, including a small gym for workouts or weight lifting, and e-bikes to explore beyond Village boundaries.

The Village is also home to our core sustainability infrastructure, including equipment for water, energy, wastewaster, and solid waste management and monitoring. Because of our remote location and sensitive operating environment, water, waste and energy are a priority for all team members and trainees. There is no wastage and every opportunity is taken to re-purpose, re-use and recycle.

All of this can be experienced first-hand through our Heart & Home Tour.