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leave your mark

To leave one's mark is to have a lasting effect on someone or something. At Wolwedans, we want to create opportunities for our guests to have such an effect – the effect of doing good – through The AridEden Project.

Leave your mark is a longer-term fundraising initiative of The AridEden Project through which guests have the option to plant a tree, pack a stone circle, or adopt a fairy circle. They “leave their mark” in the desert by engraving their name and date on a brass plaque, which will be placed next to the tree that was planted or in the fairy circle that was adopted. It's an activity that invites guests to have some fun, feel good, be creative, get their hands dirty, get some healthy exercise, connect with mother earth and be part of our journey.

The first tree ever planted under the Leave your mark campaign was in August 2019 by Her Serene Highness, Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein. Hand stenciling “HSH Theodora von Liechtenstein” on to the round, brass plaque proved to be a practical and conscious “handful” – more of a challenge than planting the actual tree!