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I3Lab – innovation | incubation | inspiration

 I3Lab is an ‘incubator lab’ of sorts and intends to provide an ideal environment for people to grapple with what at first glance are seemingly impossible challenges. To unlock solutions to such challenges requires one to be responsive to the complex demands of the present and the future, both at a local and a global level. It also benefits from ongoing exchange with other projects and ideas, and other individuals and groups in the spirit of a lifelong learning process. Such a process requires space for reflection, contemplation, and concentration. A place like Wolwedans – right in the heart of the Namib Desert.

Wolwedans' I3L was ‘incubated’ and developed out of the understanding that our complex global challenges can only be tackled through close interaction between different stakeholders, from public, private, academic and civil society sectors as well as from business-related and a socially-oriented perspective. It is an elementary part of the 5Cs model at Wolwedans with a particular focus on the 5th C – ‘Consciousness’.

An I3Lab at Wolwedans offers a wide range of accommodation facilities for companies, groups and initiatives to develop their own visions, product, and projects all within the desert landscapes where Wolwedans and The AridEden Project are conducive to inspiring the best from each of us.