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The Wolwedans Foundation is funded through a Foundation Levy collected from every guest staying at Wolwedans. In the past three years (2017/18/19), this Sustainability Levy has raised more than 20 million Namibian Dollars for the respective sustainability stream of impact. 

In addition to levies, the Foundation receives financial support for the Desert Academy from the Namibia Training Authority and the Social Security Commission Development Fund, both government agencies. Occasionally the Foundation receives donations and grants from other sources for specific projects according to a donor's preference. 

Given our ambitions under The AridEden Project, we expect our fundraising activities to reach new heights by exploring the myriad opportunities of philanthropic, corporate, and other sources of finance seeking to partner with tangible initiatives for resilience and sustainability. The AridEden Angel impact investment drive is one such activity, launched in September 2020. It aims to motivate 25 ‘Angels’ to come on board over the next 10 years in support of The AridEden Project, helping the Wolwedans Foundation to significantly scale up this important work primarily, but not exclusively, in the fields of conservation, community and commerce. 

The longer-term strategy inherent in the model of The AridEdenProject will enable the Foundation to invest in its own financial sustainability, generating income over and above levies, grants and donations.