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destination under the stars

Namibia is renowned for its ideal star-gazing conditions – and nowhere more so than NamibRand Nature Reserve, which is actually the only official Dark Sky Reserve on the entire African continent! The NamibRand has always appreciated that minimising artificial light has a conservation benefit by reducing negative impacts for noctural species, for example, whose behaviour may be modified by unnatural ambient light. Minimising light pollution also has a benefit for the aesthetic of the desert landscape and naturally improves the quality of the night sky for visitors.

Wolwedans will be creating a special StarBed experience in 2021 that will enable guests to take full advantage of the exceptionally dark sky environment of the NamibRand. The StarBed camp will be comprised of 8 "units" arranged in a perfect circle on top of the dunes, spaced a good distance apart to allow for privacy. At the heart of the circle will be a fire / boma and the essentials to ensure guest meals and necessities are well provided for.

StarBeds will offer more than just sleeping under the stars though – think of it as a desert destination in its own right. Just getting to StarBeds can offer an experience in itself – for the active and adventurous, you can arrive by eBicycle! During your stay, explore nearby Chateau Plains on horseback, or set out on your eBicycle for a picnic at Chateau Namib, or wander on foot. Our little Suzuki 4x4s will be there for back-up and for those who would rather opt for a less active experience of our unrivalled starry skies.