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wolwedans collection

What started with four Igloo tents pitched atop a dune plateau in 1995 has grown to become the Wolwedans Collection, comprising three camps, a Suite and private Villa. These 56 beds (and growing, with the introduction of StarBeds in 2021) as well as a wide range of guest activities and services provide work and a sustainable income for some 100+ staff. Running these lodges and camps as well as guest activities on offer are the driver of our “primary desert-based economy”. 

The Wolwedans Collection consists of the following:


  • Wolwedans Dune Lodge (22 beds – run as a training facility and only sold direct)
  • Mountain View Suite (2 beds – with option of another 4-6 from adjoining rooms)
  • Wolwedans Dune Camp (16 beds) – 12 & 4 (Dune Camp Private)
  • Boulders Camp (10 beds)
  • Plains Camp (formerly known as Private Camp) (6-8 beds)


  • StarBeds (12 beds under the stars) to come in 2021
  • Village Hotel and Guesthouse (6-8 rooms – mainly single occupancy) – a Foundation project
  • Villa Wolwedans (8 beds)
  • New lodge in NamibRand East (complementing Wolwedans and Boulders)
  • Aandster Guest Farm (10-12 beds)