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Have you ever heard of omajowa? It's the Herero name for a huge type of mushroom that grows out of termite mounds once the big summer rains arrive in northern Namibia. A single mushroom can weigh up to ± 1 kg! A symbol of growth and prosperity, omajowa is a sought-after fungus, both as a food source and also as additional revenue where local harvesters sell them along the roadside.

Wolwedans does not intend to grow omajowa (not many termite mounds here) but we would certainly love to be able to offer other fresh mushroom varieties, cultivated on site, to our guests. We are exploring opportunities to collaborate with savvy mushroom growers, including the horticulture experts at the University of Namibia (UNAM), to learn from local and global experince. This will help us figure out the best way to achieve success. Once perfected, mushroom cultivation will form part of our horticulture training curriculum and Desert Based Economy activities.