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5 spheres

Becoming more resilient in order to weather future climate, resource and economic uncertainties is critical for any organisation that wants to remain relevant in today’s world. Wolwedans is no exception to this and, going ahead, we need to be more than just a “collection of camps” kept alive by constant tourist arrivals. These arrivals cannot be taken for granted any more.

A key prerequisite for achieving greater resilience, regardless of the sector in which one trades, is income diversification – having different “legs” to stand on. This diversity will define and determine the future of Wolwedans. By 2030, five ‘spheres' (project activity areas) should be firmly established, each working in its own right in terms of team, finance, marketing & sales, etc., while forming part of the overall Wolwedans identity and its commitment to the 5Cs. These 5 spheres form the core of The AridEden Project and whilst independent from one another, remain interconnected and complementary.

As more than a "collection of camps", Wolwedans will pursue a range of project activities under the following themes:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Education
  3. Horticulture
  4. Wildlands | Ecology
  5. Merchandising

Whilst ‘hospitality’ and ‘education’ are already firmly established through our Collection and the Desert Academy, we will develop the additional legs of horticulture and merchandising as commercial enterprises beyond the Wolwedans camps. The sphere of ‘wildlands | ecology’ will operate on a non-profit basis and drive the Wolwedans conservation agenda through the NamibRand East expansion, renewable energy development, and indigenous tree planting and sales.