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Plains Camp

Plains Camp (formerly known as Private Camp) is your special home at Wolwedans. It demands nothing much of you, except to relax and gaze at the ever-changing colours of the desert. Situated in a quiet and idyllic valley, it is the perfect getaway for honeymooners or individuals seeking uncompromising privacy and solitude.  

Plains Camp offers six beds with three spacious en-suite rooms, a ‘Sala’ where one can laze away siestas, various decks, and the central lounge, combining a study, living room, a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen. Its open-plan design allows uninterrupted views of the surrounding nature.  

The Camp is designed for those who enjoy the peace that utter silence can offer. Get away for a day or two and revel in the luxury of reading, reflecting or taking walks in one of the most enchanting landscapes in Africa.