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Families can often go through challenging times. Whatever the reasons for this – whether due to specific traumatic events, or simply because people have drifted apart – retreats can help family units to reconnect and heal their relationships.

A key aspect of family retreats is that kids and teenagers, in particular, are afforded the opportunity to do something with their hands, an aspect modern education systems neglect. Woodwork, pottery, leatherwork, gardening and tending animals, to name a few, are activities that "feed the hand" while freeing time and space to facilitate the re-connection with heart and head. Reestablishing these linkages at an individual level can often be a first step to help families connect with each other.

Complemented by horseback riding, e-biking, trekking and the like, entire families will be kept happily and healthily occupied. The week will pass too quickly and ‘digital’ will be restricted to an hour each day (or done away with altogether). Disconnect to reconnect.