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club chateau premium

Post COVID, Wolwedans is financially on its knees due to circumstances completely beyond its control and can’t afford financial outlays that are not core to our immediate commercial recovery. The launch of Club Chateau Premium is our strategy to address this by channeling Premium membership fees to drive two bigger camp development projects that will otherwise have to wait indefinitely.

The two projects that were on the cards before the 2020 disruption are the renovation and extension of Plains Camp (formerly known as Private Camp), and the construction of Villa Wolwedans.

  1. Wolwedans Plains Camp: An all-time favourite with guests and members, Plains Camp was due for a proper re-vamp, refurbishment, and extension in May 2020, including the addition of a fourth room (second master bedroom) and an airconditioned work space. With the help and commitment of three Premium Club Members we can just get on with it.
  2. Villa Wolwedans is a new development that will be situated in the dunes south of Wolwedans Village, providing an exclusive venue for small groups, families, or corporates. The design of Villa Wolwedans is underway and a suitable site will be scouted early 2021. A full description of this project is available under Villa Wolwedans.

Priority would be the completion of Plains Camp (commencing when the first two premium members have signed up), followed by Villa Wolwedans (commencing when next four have signed up and taking a year to complete).

Club Chateau Premium works exactly like Club Chateau, with five distinct differences:

  1. Membership is 1 million Namibian Dollars (± € 50,000), instead of 150,000 Namibian Dollars)
  2. Membership is limited to a maximum of 10 investors/ friends (individual or corporate)
  3. Membership is valid for 10 years (not 5 years, which applies to standard Club Chateau membership)
  4. Discount of 50% applies to the entire Wolwedans Collection year-round, with a 66% discount being applied for Plains Camp and Villa Wolwedans during low season
  5. 10% of input (100,000 Namibian Dollars) is channeled directly into any Wolwedans Foundation project of your choosing within The AridEden Project. You hence automatically become a “Wolwedans Friend” and will be recognised as such.