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AridEden Angel endorsements confirm for us that what we are doing through The AridEden Project has real value and is aligned with a global movement to do good. Here is what our first AridEden Angel had to say about why they chose to support The AridEden Project:

From ConTine gGmbH

Dear Friends of Tomorrow......

We are involved as a passionate first angel of The AridEden Project. This project has attracted all our attention from the heart. It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Brückner has designed something very special here. Credibility, transparency and trust unite us. The AridEden Project combines all the projects that we, as the non-profit ConTine gGmbH, have set as our goals. It is about human education and the use of resources in harmony with nature.

From the sound of silence this realistic, encouraging and courageous plan has been created. An ideal and wonderful continuation of what the Wolwedans Foundation has been demonstrating and implementing for decades as Business in Balance.

As an AridEden Angel we gratefully accept what Mr Brückner has set in motion. He knows how to take us on a journey, to bring us closer to the projects on site and to show us what they seek to achieve in the long term. Visions are directly transformed into action, step-by-step.

We are looking forward to the other AridEden Angels, who will come on board in a wise, humorous and hands-on manner. We are all a part of the whole.


Christine Lühle-van Dam
Anna van Dam