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game jam

From nation-wide marches in support of the Black Lives Matter movement to global youth protests for adequate responses to climate change, the call for action and taking responsibility for our collective future has never been louder. Addressing such urban flux and navigating social change is being taken on by the Goethe-Institut Namibia and non-profit art association urban dialogues, particularly on the topics of climate change, sustainability, global interdependence and equality. Standing in solidarity with this important work, one of their "Game Jam" events for young Namibians was held at Wolwedans after the lockdown under the theme of “Games for Our Common Future”.

The 72-hour, non-stop event engaged 4 teams, each comprised of 4 -6 members and guided by an experienced facilitator, in the development of innovative games that focus on challenges of significance to humanity’s common future. Game structures were developed mutually through the knowledge, experience, and interaction of the team members, evoking a healthy spirit of competitiveness and requiring close teamwork. Facilitators guided the game development process, but it was ultimately the passion and interest of team members to turn the world “on its head” to find solutions for our common future. The result was a playable beta-version of an analogue game. 

The Game Jams offer a dynamic and energised way of putting solutions for our shared future in the hands, hearts and heads of Namibia’s youth, calling them to come together, voice their concerns, and work towards solutions through collaboration.