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board & lodging

Quality board and lodging at Wolwedans Village are essential for team well-being. Through The AridEden Project we aim to make living at Wolwedans even more pleasant and fun by creating wonderful communal spaces, planting more trees, greening areas for relaxing and recreation (made possible through wastewater reuse), and offering more excitement than just a canteen (e.g. a tuck shop, team bar, restaurant and take-away, movie nights, gym, music and art, etc.). Many of these can even feed into the Desert Based Economy (think independently 'owned' and operated barber and hair salon, for example).

Providing these quality of life opportunities is hugely important if we are to create Happiness within our team, and if they are to carry this forward and help create happiness for all. In essence we want to offer a highly vibrant, stimulating, and joyous working | living environment. People might even be longing to come back to such a space after their leave. Utopian yet do-able.