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Drumming has long been associated with cultures of the African continent and, for many, playing drums together is a way of uniting people, especially during times of difficulty or transition. Traditionally, drums are even said to represent the soul of the community in which they are found. Playing them in a group makes it easy to understand why this would be – the sounds become a synchronised melody united by a dominant 'heartbeat'.

Drumming is a standard part of the experience at Wolwedans, for both team members and guests. Imagine the fun of connecting with friends, loved ones, or colleagues over the throb and hum of traditional drums. It can be extremely powerful, is incredibly fun (once you get the hang of it – or even if you don't!), and can even be a great way of relieving stress. This exchange through sound, giving and receiving to create a coordinated rhythm and beat –  it offers yet another way to connect to head | hand | heart.