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Trade and the accumulation of wealth have been central to the growth and development of civilisations over thousands of years and are likely to remain so, at least to a degree. Business transactions carried out in a manner that is not conscious and intentional sometimes have negative impacts and consequences, even though often unintended. Conducted in a more holistic way that considers sustainability, however, these transactions can make positive contributions and even rehabilite and regenerate societies from the negative impacts of the past. 

Wolwedans is conscious of how its activities impact on people and places. With an approach of doing better as we know better, we are continuously refocusing how we trade. Of practical and paramount importance to this is financial sustainability, not only of the for-profit side of our business, but also of the Wolwedans Foundation. We must set our sights on achieving financial sustainability if the respective activities of these ventures are to provide a source of income for people who depend on it, as well as ensure our ability to continue reinvesting into 5C initiatives.