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cultural heritage

The diversity of Namibia's 13 cultural groups find common ground in pride of country while celebrating their uniqueness, side by side – think 13 different types of 'typical' music, food, traditional dress, folklore, language and more! It is these differences that make life so exciting and fulfilling.

Celebrating this rich cultural heritage is such a source of pride for the Wolwedans team. Not only do we dedicate an entire annual Cultural Festival to it, but we also honour and respect cultural diversity and customs in our day-to-day way of living.

One of the most spectacular elements of cultural heritage celebrated is traditional dress making – a deep-rooted tradition with the Nama, Herero and Owambo people of Namibia. There is also the traditional Nama Vastrap (dance) which makes for a lively celebration indeed, while the diverse food cultures are also woven into the Wolwedans experience: from the modern 'twists' on Wolwedans' menus to Mopane worms tastings (a traditional delicacy)!