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Investing in 'doing good' has been core to Wolwedans since day one through raising revenue for conservation management of the NamibRand Nature Reserve and, over the past decade, with an increasing focus on broader development impacts. With the reality of completely depleted reserves in a post-COVID trading environment, our capacity to continue with these future-focused activities has been gravely hampered. Years might be lost at the expense of people and the planet. Instead of giving up, however, we are reaching out and mobilising with like-minded individuals and institutions - those who want to be part of the change that we all want to see. We remain dedicated and will continue to roll up our sleeves to do the work on the ground, while seeking external financial support to enable this to happen.

Our funding pursuits are not about ‘getting back into business’ – Wolwedans Collection will take care of this on its own. This is about getting on with the good work the Wolwedans Foundation has always been doing, and continues through the focus of The AridEden Project. Passively ‘hanging-in there’ until the tourists arrive again in their historic numbers – and with their valuable Sustainability Levy contributions – is not an option. No one knows when this will happen.

It is time for Plan B and Wolwedans is pursuing a number of solutions to find some ‘oxygen’ to get 'doing good' going again. There are five avenues for this, namely:

  1. Leave Your Mark
  2. AridEden Angels 
  3. Wolwedans Friends
  4. Grants & Loans
  5. Club Chateau

For those who share the philosophy of Wolwedans' founder, Albi Brückner, in that "your last shirt doesn't have a pocket", a 6th option may be to bequeath something to the Wolwedans Foundation when you no longer have a need for it...

Whether you are visiting us in the desert, or are united with our efforts from afar, there is an option for you to get involved in making the Wolwedans Vision 2030 a reality.

A summary of the above can be downloaded here as a separate pdf.