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village stays

The Wolwedans Village is gradually becoming a destination in its own right. Things ‘happen’ at the Heart & Home of Wolwedans – there is a pulse and an energy within this desert destination that make it an interesting and exciting place to be, especially when compared to staying at a conventional lodge with ‘normal’ tourists. 

Wolwedans’ idea of creating options to stay at the Village achieves multiple objectives simultaneously: it provides an accommodation option for travellers who prefer the vibe of the Village; it serves as a real-life venue for Desert Academy trainees to hone their newly-acquired skills; and it provides accommodation options for different price points in the market. The most significant aspect of the Village Stays is that the Wolwedans Foundation will own the venues – the Village Hotel and the Guesthouse – providing an ongoing source of revenue to ensure a pool of funding to advance our sustainability vision.