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join the club

Joining Club Chateau offers access to the Wolwedans experience at half price in exchange for paying 200,000 Namibian Dollars (± € 10,000) up front. The credit can be used for a period of 5 years from the time it was received, with the only additional costs being Sustainability Levies, beverages, and extra indulgences you request during your stay.

Apart from this 50% discount, membership benefits are transferable and can be used in a range of ways, e.g. to incentivise employees, gift family and friends, or surprise loved ones with an unforgettable experience that’s simply out of this world! Club Chateau can hence also be of interest for corporates. 

Club Chateau membership aims to:

  • Make Wolwedans more accessible to a broader circle of nature lovers, especially regional travellers
  • Offer regular visitors significantly discounted rates for their loyalty
  • Secure financial support to implement the 5Cs through The AridEden Project

Club Chateau benefits all involved. It guarantees a win-win situation for both the Club member as well as Wolwedans in pursuing its broader conservation and sustainability interests. On behalf of the Wolwedans family you are invited to consider this proposition and see merit in joining a circle of special people who cherish nature and the ‘Wolwedans Way’ as much as they enjoy well-appointed, charming camps, good food, fine wines, and the great Namibian outdoors.

If you are keen to join the club, you can download the small print and an application form to get the process started.