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team organogram

Coinciding with our planned workshop of “Changing into 5th Gear” in late March 2020, we had conceptualised a new kind of organogram for Wolwedans. The "top-down" pyramid approach was already long gone for us, and even the inward-out one felt all wrong – where it seems as though the world revolves around an inner circle (management), leaving those at the periphery as insignifant stragglers. This is completely at odds with the mutual respect and ethics we try to instill in our team dynamics.

A new organogram – Planet Wolwedans – has a slightly different approach whereby happy guests and people are at the heart of it all. Those surrounding the happy heart are interconnected in a less linear manner and rather in a spherical, concentric one of three+ layers. The first layer is the circle of front-line team members, the second is the back-of-house support team, and the third is the management team. Around all of these is the 'orbiting' strategic guidance of our CEO, Stephan Brückner.

Putting happy people at our heart was the key to getting the Wolwedans Way message embedded in our corporate soul. And despite a few unforeseeable delays in launching this new way, we remain very excited about the journey ahead.