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built heritage

The tale of Namibia's history is partly told by the varying architecture and building styles across the country. Many such examples are found in the vicinity of Wolwedans and we want to do our part to preserve the intergrity of this built heritage through the restoration of historic buildings and structures.

One project is our dream to rehabilitate the original classroom building of Maltahöhe Secondary School (now called Dabeb). Whilst a government property, it seems there are no funds available to renovate this dilapidated infrastructure, meaning that this beautiful building is slowly but surely falling apart. It is a historic building that, with a little bit of work, could be restored to some semblance of its former beauty.

Another project is the old Eldorado farm building, which has also seen better days. Ensuring that it is structurally sound and then providing an era-appropriate facelift would provide such a attractive tourism asset for the destination, not to mention that it could be used for a practical purpose too, ensuring a continuation of life and energy in the spaces from our past.