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As the nearest village to Wolwedans, we want to ensure that activities under The AridEden Project support the socio-economic development of Maltahöhe at every opportunity. This includes identifying individuals from the village to participate in our Horticulture and Hospitality vocational training programmes.

Although these opportunities would be presented to all residents equally, we would like to explore whether this might present suitable livelihood possibilities for learners from Daweb Secondary School, in particular. Daweb only offers education up to Grade 11. Thereafter, Daweb learners either leave school without getting their matric (high school graduation) or they complete high school elsewhere which is usually away from their families. It would make sense to offer Level 2 vocational training in both Horticulture and Hospitality as of Grade 10. That way, some of the learners who finish grade 11 but might not be academically strong enough to go on to grade 12 could still continue their training at the Wolwedans Desert Academy and have career and livelihood prospects for their futures. Creating these opportunities will be largely dependent on securing financial assistance to support Maltahöhe resident participation.

For more information on how to bring these life-changing opportunities to fruition, refer to our Education Assistance Fund