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the time is now

At Wolwedans, we have taken pause to rethink how tourism works, who it works for, and how its success is defined. The resulting strategy will be brought to life through The AridEden Project Wolwedans Vision 2030 and its practical framework for building more sustainable, resilient, and inclusive tourism/ conservation economies. This framework – referred to as Matrix |25 – embeds Wolwedans' 5Cs sustainability commitment (Commerce | Conservation | Community | Culture | Consciousness) with five spheres of engagement for each ‘C’, all underpinned by a business philosophy of balancing people, planet, and profit.

People are necessarily at the heart of this strategy – their well-being, development, and empowerment are essential for their own success and for the advancement of Namibia as a whole. We foster this through our vocational training programmes, our desert-based economy projects, and by imparting a 'consciously' lived values system with our entire team.

Ultimately, the potential impact of The AridEden Project vests with inspiring others to follow suit, not only in Namibia but globally – from decision-makers, leaders, captains of industry/ commerce and politicians to educators and youth. We intend to create ‘consciousness’ about local responses to global issues by sharing our journey and showcasing sustainability solutions.

In addition to driving change and inspiring a new way, The AridEden Project is, simply put, about the pursuit of happiness: happy people – guests, team and stakeholders alike – a happy and healthy environment and, importantly, a happy bottom line.

The time to embark on this bold journey has never been more opportune: it’s worth a shot. This is not a short-term effort, this is the future. And we are up for the challenge. As Nelson Mandela aptly said, “It always seems impossible, until it is done.”

This easy to navigate webpage is a working tool for people interested in The AridEden Project and framework, as well as potential 'enablers'. The content will be updated on a regular basis, especially the Projects section.

If you are interested in staying at Wolwedans kindly visit, our commercial page.