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the 5Cs

Wolwedans’ 5Cs of Sustainability are Consciousness | Conservation | Community | Commerce | Culture. They are deeply interconnected – one cannot have optimal impact when out of balance with another –  and they frame the holistic and harmonious approach to all that we do.

In the context of day-to-day life at Wolwedans, Consciousness is “the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings – as an organisation and as individuals, including guests”. What one does and why (purpose), how one lives and engages, etc.

Conservation safeguards this biodiversity and the integrity of the ecosystem services it provides, which in turn support global needs. Conservation at Wolwedans addresses biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as management of energy, water and waste, habitat expansion, and carbon impact reduction.

Ensuring and enhancing the well-being of people in general is a fundamental obligation of all. Wolwedans pays its part in this by enhancing the well-being of all with whom it has a direct and indirect relationship. Team and local community impact interventions address fair working conditions, local and regional relations, social ventures, social accountability, capacity building support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and ‘happiness’, among others.

Conducted in a more holistic and sustainable way, commerce and trade can be positive contributors to a more sustainable world. Within this dimension Wolwedans addresses issues that affect the financial sustainability of the business and its capacity to provide a source of income for people who depend on it, as well as our ability to reinvest back into initiatives in the other 5Cs.

Celebrating commonality within cultural diversity is what nurtures mutual understanding; this understanding coupled with respecting our uniqueness and differences is crucial to humanity’s future. Wolwedans strives to strengthen inter-cultural relationships through understanding, and will honour Namibia’s cultural heritage while raising awareness of and celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity.