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chateau namib

Guests often ask how the names "Club Chateau" and "Chateau Plains" (one of the NamibRand’s most impressive panoramas) came to be. Elaborate French country estates, noble aristocracy, and fancy wine labels spring to mind, certainly not the Namib Desert nor Wolwedans.

So why "Chateau"...?

When Albi Brückner (founder of NamibRand Nature Reserve) bought the farm Wolwedans back in 1985, he did so from a map and after only a short visit to an awesome vista, which today is commonly referred to as "Chateau Viewpoint".

Bordering farm Wolwedans to the south was DieDuine farm, and its caretaker at the time was Mr Schumann, a well-read and educated man. Albi requested Mr Schumann to explore the new acquisition of Wolwedans and report back to him in Windhoek.

In the process, Schumann discovered a small refuge perched on top of a little inselberg in the remote northwest of the farm. Bedazzled by this discovery, and not lacking a sense of humour, Schumann named it "Chateau Namib". Such an illustrious name for the little cottage perched on the hill...

And so the Chateau name was born. It's a name that stands as firm as the little "Chateau" itself and as enduring as the "Chateau Plains" below. As we pondered a suitable name for the Wolwedans Club, we wondered what could be considered 'symbolic' of Wolwedans and its experience. Apart from the collection of camps and the Wolwedans Village, it most certainly is the Chateau Plains. Many guests have stood at the viewpoint and uttered comments like, "…the most beautiful scenery seen so far..." Some even rate it as among the most exquisite panoramas in the world.

It was based on the impression guests have of this place that we concluded "Chateau" should form part of the Club name. It not only paid tribute to one of Wolwedans' hallmarks locations but also suggested an unparalled offering. Perfect.