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vocational training

Wolwedans is committed to supporting young Namibians by equipping them with the skills necessary to make a meaningful contribution to society through their work, enabling them to provide for themselves and their families.

Our focus is on hospitality training in which the Wolwedans Foundation has invested for over a decade. We run two accredited, private vocational training centres: the Desert Academy in NamibRand Nature Reserve and the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (NICE) in Windhoek. Both provide a “living classroom” approach, exposing trainees to a real world working environment from the outset. This environment gives trainees relevant, practical work experience – something that has proven to be a major stumbling block for recruitment in the sector.

Since 2007, ± 250 young Namibians have obtained a Namibian Training Authority qualification from Wolwedans’ training programmes, with consistent pass rates exceeding 90% (compared with a national average of less than 40%)! Qualifications are earned in either “Food & Beverage Service” or “Commercial Cookery”. 

Going ahead, Wolwedans plans to expand these successful training offerings to include Horticulture, Facility Maintenance, Ranger, and Field Guide programmes. Facility Maintenance has already been developed with approved unit standards and is a nationally accredited qualification; the same will be pursued for a Desert Academy qualification in Horticulture. A curriculum will then be developed for each that ensures a good balance of theory and practical training to give job seekers and entrepreneurs marketable skill sets and experience. Ranger and Field Guide training will form part of a subsequent expansion phase for our vocational offering, as could additional vocational fields. We have seen the impact this kind of opportunity has on young Namibians and we will continue to respond to Namibia's economic and capacity development needs, playing our part where we can.

Given our increasing emphasis on training to develop Namibia’s tourism economy, we may eventually convert Wolwedans Village into a Training Campus. We will also boost our fundraising drive through the Education Assistance Fund to ensure that fees to attend these quality vocational training programmes do not pose prohibitive barriers for promising, young Namibian candidates.

How can you support this worthwhile developmental initiative? In addition to making a financial contribution through the Education Assistance Fund, any of the in-kind support and goods donations listed below would benefit the trainee programmes and be greatly appreciated: 

In-kind (e.g. services or expertise)

  • Guest lecturing (skills & knowledge transfer)
  • Consulting services (across all disciplines)
  • Management services (for specific projects)
  • audio/visual expertise, e.g. editing video footage
  • Printing services, e.g. folders, posters, training materials, etc.

Tools and equipment: 

  • Furniture (for training facilities or student housing)
  • Kitchen equipment, e.g. stoves, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, small kitchen utensils
  • IT equipment, e.g. computers, internet services, servers, printers, etc.
  • Presentation equipment, e.g. beamers, screens, flipcharts, flatscreen TV’s


  • Stationery
  • Student uniforms, including embroidery
  • Transport services for trainees and supplies
  • Sponsorship of relevant training outings
  • Food and general supplies for training kitchens
  • Supplier discounts for all items procured
  • Housekeeping equipment and cleaning materials